Sunday, 10 July 2016

Shades of grey

How is it possible to have so many different shades of grey socks, and no pairs?
And this is just a selection... there are more.
Where do the blighters go??
We've a pile of sad single socks sitting on a window sill upstairs that just grows and grows until I accept defeat and bin them.
Do mysteriously vanishing socks drive you mad? Apparently there's some research showing Brits lose 1.3 million socks a month - and there's even a formula explaining why we keep losing them. Yes, really.
Do have a look at the article here - the last video clip is hilarious! And who doesn't need a bit of light relief at the moment?

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Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Skirrid - Sunday photo

This view of the Skirrid is my reward for getting to the top of the very steep hill near our house. And it's also a good excuse to stop and catch my breath. Love the row of pompom-like trees.

It's the early part of a three mile loop from home, and a well worn walk for me. Partly because I want to get fit, but mainly because I'm pretty much always in a better space by the time I get back. There's something soothing about the gentle monotony of walking. It helped me immeasurably when my husband was away. Now I go when my head's full and I can't think straight. More footsteps, more clarity. I've had some of my best ideas walking the loop - not that it'll be of much interest to anyone I'm sure, but today I thought of a good way to attach the front wheels to a cardboard tube tractor. Made me feel better!

And I'm a little less puffed now when I get to the top of that hill.

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