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Friday, 19 October 2012

Going Batty

I thought we'd give our Owl and the Pussycat tube creations a spooky, Halloween twist. Very easy as it turns out, because they're a perfect shape for bats with those pointy little ears. So, time to gather up more toilet rolls...never imagined I'd be this happy to run out of loo paper...

They're made in exactly the same way as the owls and cats - gluing the top of the tube shut, but this time paint them black and then cut a curve into the glued end and a cm or so off the bottom (see pic below). Draw and cut out eyes and fangs - I went for evil, grinning, vampire bats, but up to you how scary you want them to be!

I made half a bat wing using card, then folded some coloured paper, put the template on the crease and drew around it, before cutting and opening out the wings. Glue everything in place.

Next - time to get these bats up, and flying about.
Now due to the run on toilet rolls, we were just short for a bat-only mobile - so we made some ghosts to join them. They are very quick and easy. Cut a cup out of an egg box, glue it in the middle of some old white tissue paper (fold it double so it's not too thin) and hold it all down with a loose elastic band while the glue's drying. Make sure the paper isn't too gathered on one side of the egg box bit, so you can draw a haunted, ghostly face here. Cut the bottom in rough zig-zags, to make it look like a raggedy old sheet.

The mobile is just two wire coat hangers bound together at the top and bottom with some thin, pliable wire (I used wire cutters to remove the top hanging bit of one of them) Then cover it all with stretchy, creepy cobwebs and spiders - great stuff and easy to pick up in the supermarket for under a pound. I used some transparent thread from a jewellery making kit, but ordinary is fine. Make a hole in the top of the ghosts, thread through and tie a small button underneath to keep your ghouls hanging in place. And that's it.

I haven't forgotten about 'something for the boys', just got sidetracked by bats! It will be here next week, just need to find a few empty matchboxes...

I'm linking up with 'For the Kids Fridays' - packed full of great crafty Halloween ideas

For the Kids Friday


  1. Brilliant. Might take some of these ideas with me to mum's for half term. we have loads of spare loo roll because the Husband saves the for planting his broad beans in. Sure he won't notice if I nick a few...

    1. GREAT you've got a ready supply - we've used so many over the last few weeks that I've resorted to pulling tubes out of full rolls (v difficult!) Hope you have fun at your mum's :)

  2. wow these are great! thanks for the inspiration! B

  3. They are really good, very creative.

    1. It's all thanks to the Big Ideas Book really - that's where the owls and cats came from. It might be old (late 70's), but it's such a great craft book!

    2. I'll have to look out for one for when Daniel is more into craft... if he ever gets into it!


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