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Monday, 11 February 2013

A Rubbish Valentine

... and that's what it is, but possibly an improvement on last year's homemade Valentine's day surprise, when I drew colourful hearts around a comedy potato. Yes, I really did. And if you can't quite picture it, why not take a look.
It seemed so right at the time, with the irish/potato thing going on, but I'm not sure now. To be fair I was still getting used to my husband being away, and he said he liked it. Bless him. Crazy fool.

This year's is complete trash, of the recycling variety - made out of my son's old birthday cards..

collage heart

Now I did ask first, but he still had a bit of a moment when he saw them cut to pieces, so had to quickly divert his attention with some mini chocolate eggs.

I got the idea from an art show the children watch called Totally Rubbish. It's the sort of kids telly I can sit through - mostly about making things from stuff people often throw away. There was an artist called Robi Walters on this particular show who made the most amazing collages using petal shaped pieces of card, cut out of packaging. He certainly inspired me, and that's when I started eyeing up the birthday cards...

I also found a few glittery old christmas ones, and then cut them into strips, and cut the strips into petal shapes.

It took a while to get my petals looking roughly the same - a pretty monotonous job, but I got into a kind of rhythm and just did a few strips when I had a minute. You need A LOT, and it's also a good idea to sort them into colour piles as you go along. My heart is predominantly red, but there's quite a bit of blue, pink, yellow and gold going on too.

I glued little red squares, cut out of a sugar puffs packet around the outline of the heart, and started sticking the petals on, overlapping them a little.

The collage takes time, so again I did the gluing when I could - quite often in front of the telly, and then left a bread board on top of the heart until the next spare moment.

I'd been following the outline, but it started to look a little wonky - so instead drew ever decreasing heart shapes inside, and used them as a guide until there was a tiny one left in the middle. Well sort of in the middle..!

Just the right size for a teeny heart with a diamante from last year's card. It travelled far that card, so it's pretty special.

And I'm going to be able to give my husband his collage heart on the 14th, which makes a change! He is weekly commuting at the moment, but turns out he will be home on thursday. It'll be our second Valentine's day together in 12 YEARS of marriage. Not that I'm counting or anything...

How rubbish is that?

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  1. Ha ha! 2 in 12 years is pretty rubbish, isn't it! I don't think we spent one together for the first 5 yrs of our marriage (and it's our wedding anniversary on 13th Feb, so he missed those, too). Hope you have a lovely romantic time together - your card is wonderful.

    1. Thanks R! Doubt it'll be that romantic to be honest - babysitters are like hen's teeth around here, so probably a bottle of wine and a few episodes of The West Wing! Lovely to have him home though :)

  2. That is amazingly clever. I'd never have the patience, and my husband and I don't 'do' Valentines any more, but I'm super-impressed. Hope your hubby appreciates all your hard work!

    1. I'll make sure he does!! Really glad you like it.

  3. I think your card is just fantastic - I'd be SO chuffed if someone I loved had made that for me. Have a great day together, you deserve it.

  4. That is fab - soooooo much more fun than a commercial version and so much more stylish. I admire your patience. Pickle and I have been sewing decorations. Someone suggested this valentine link up http://newpyjamas.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/all-about-love-my-first-blog-hop.html?spref=fb if you are interested :)

  5. That is beautiful! So glad you get to give your valentines in person this year! :)

  6. makes a lovely change! Thanks Emma :)

  7. It is totally beautiful, like an Aztec headdress and I love the way you have cut the heart to go in the middle (I would probably have ended up with a much bigger heart as my patience, and skill, would have run out much earlier). We are just back from shopping with a (now very squashed) chocolate heart and some pink paper and card. But there is no way we will match yours. And it is alwways so nice to find a use for all those sentimental old cards.

    1. Aztec headdress. I love that! It did take a while, but wasn't tricky - and it's a handy way to use up old cards. You could cut them into loads of little squares instead (or any shape) - I was thinking I might try this with the kids. Really like the mix of all the different colours and good to have a bit of glitter too! Thanks so much for your comment.

  8. Fantastic card! And an excellent project for watching a reality TV show or two.

    Now, I really must get myself a pair of rose coloured glasses.

    Visiting via Ta Da Tuesday!

    Sue xo

  9. It's GORGEOUS! It must have taken aaaages. Hope you're both having a lovely evening.


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