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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Weather - The Gallery

Possibly not the most obvious choice of weather shot from the last few weeks seeing as it looks relatively dry... but I liked this hopeful little sliver of light caught between the land and the sinister sky. A sign the heavy clouds are lifting. Better days ahead? Please, yes.

I do love a landscape when the sky is dark and the sun finds a way to cut through. The contrast makes it look wonderfully dramatic, and the colours seem more intense; more vibrant.

The view is one I see every day from the kitchen window, and I've noticed over the years how this gentle hill often catches the sun before any of the land around it, like a bright little oasis in the gloom.

The Gallery theme this week is Weather.


  1. Great photograph. I'm guessing it was quite wet after this photo was taken. Lovely view #TheGallery

  2. I love that little tiny bit of hope under that doom laiden sky! #TheGallery

  3. Great photo. You'd never tire of that view! X

  4. Great picture. Though I'm wishing far more blue skies in the near future - I've kinda had enough of grey this winter!

  5. This is a really lovely shot - very dramatic, and I love the contrast is colour. X

  6. Really good photograph - It seems like we have had nothing but rain for months - nice to see some sun trying to shine through.

  7. I say it every time, but you really do live in such a beautiful place! I love that photograph,such a moody sky! :)


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