Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Easy flower posy - Mother's Day crafts for kids

There are plenty of lovely flower crafts about at this time of year and we've tried quite a few, but think this might be a favourite. Maybe because it's a new one for us, and new is always good, and maybe because you can get a great result quickly, with very little fuss. Just a toilet paper tube and some coloured tissue and you're on your way to a sweet bouquet!

You'll need:
Toilet paper tube (or part of a kitchen paper tube)
3 Sheets coloured tissue paper (can be same or different colours)
Craft scissors
Glue stick
Green paint (or mix blue and yellow)

1. Paint the tube green and paint the top half of the inside too.
When the paint's dry, cut straight down from the green-inside-end to about halfway down the tube. Do the same opposite your first cut. 
(Or you could squeeze the top end of the tube flat and cut down the two creases)

2. Next, cut down the tube again, halfway between the cuts you've just made, on both sides. Make the cuts roughly the same length. So you end up with 4, hopefully evenly spaced cuts. But don't worry if the spacing isn't perfect, it'll still look lovely!

3. To make the stems, cut down the tube again, just to the right of one of your original four cuts. You don't want the stems to be too thick (between 0.5 and 1cm/1/4in. to 1/2in.). Repeat, to the right of the next cut. Try to make it roughly the same width as the first one. Do the same to the right of the other cuts, so you end up with four stems and 4 wider bits between (these are going to be the leaves).

4. Bend these wider pieces out,  and cut them into a long, leafy triangle shapes (cut down from the middle to the bottom corners)

5. For the flowers, fold the 3 sheets of coloured tissue paper in half (using just one colour looks great too), and cut a strip off the open end - make it about 4cm (11/2in.) wide, and once you've cut across the sheets, trim the strip so it's about 16cm (6in.) long.

6. Keeping all the pieces of tissue paper roughly together, fold this strip in half and press along the crease, then open up and cut in half. Now fold the two pieces in half again and cut along the crease.
You should end up with four piles of 6 squares... or squarish squares...that's fine!

7. Rub some glue stick at the top of a stem and stick the middle of a tissue paper square to it. We wanted to use yellow in the centre, so started with the darker colour, but choose any order you like.

 Rub more glue in the middle of the first piece of tissue paper and stick the second one on top, but turn it so the angle is different from the one below.

8. Keep adding the squares, turning every time. Do the same for the other three flowers.

9. Once the glue has dried, get hold of a whole flower in your fingertips and give it a gentle squeeze forward, all the way around, to shape it. Give the the middle two pieces a separate squeeze, to get a tighter centre. Do the same with the other flowers.

10. Bend the leaves into place. You could tie a bow around the bottom, to finish off your posy - or, pop it into a yogurt pot 'pot'. Stick pieces of wrapping paper on the pot to cover up any writing.


  1. Bog roll blooms? Sorry!
    As always your ideas are wonderful for little 'uns. xx

    1. They're more fun, your titles :) Thanks Fiona xx

  2. This is so sweet. Would be perfect for Mother's Day. Think the US one is coming up soon! :) xx